Split expenses the easy way.

Record your group payments, then figure out the debts
without waiting for timers, or being blocked by daily limits.

Divvy Up product image

All the features you need

Everything you need to split expenses with your roommates, travel buddies, or partner.

Easily add expenses, with flexible splitting features.

See group balances at a glance.

Simplify debts & repay friends.

Convert between dozens of currencies.

Cloud sync, wherever you are.

Powerful features, for free!

Is Divvy Up free?

For now, completely free! Divvy Up plans to include a paid version in future with more features, but the base version will always be free.

Why not use Splitwise?

Since 2023, Splitwise has made users wait ten seconds before adding each expense on the free plan. Not to mention a limit of four expenses per day. Splitwise also doesn't allow free users to save default splits or currencies, convert currencies or see charts on their free plan. Divvy Up removes all the timers, and has all these features and more for free! Read more about why Divvy Up exists here.